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Dear VCE Families,


November 8th is National Aboriginal Veterans’ Day. This is a day of remembrance and commemoration of the contributions of Indigenous Veterans in the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean War. This Aboriginal Veterans' Day, we would like to express our gratitude for the contributions Indigenous Veterans have made to Canada and the world.


Here is a video for more info:



Remembrance Day marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. People remember those who were lost in the war by holding a two-minute silence and by wearing a red poppy. We would like to express our gratitude for all of the contributions our Veterans made to Canada.


Stay tuned for some great ways our school and leadership students will be sharing their learning next week.

UPDATE: Communicating Student Learning –Reporting & Assessing


For the last four years, School District No. 48 has engaged in a Board of Education approved pilot project on Communicating Student Learning (CSL). This pilot project involved using timely descriptive feedback on student learning throughout the school year, rather than just on the three traditional report cards. The project also used a four point proficiency scale in grades 4-7 instead of letter grades. Last year this was expanded to grade 9. Some of you may have had children involved in this pilot project. Over the four years, we have gathered feedback from parents and teachers and have been refining the project design, using the feedback. We have also been working with the Ministry of Education, along with thirteen other school districts on a Provincial pilot project on CSL.


In order to gradually transition toward this modernized approach for CSL, the Board of Education has approved a transition plan where some changes will be made to the way all K-9 teachers communicate with you about student learning. The first significant change is that we will now be using the Provincial report card format in MyEducation BC, which is our electronic student demographic system. The second change is that all K-9 teachers will be using the four point proficiency scale instead of letter grades to report out on student learning. It is important to point out that parents may still request letter grades during the regular reporting periods of December, March and June if desired.


Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you with more specific information on their plans for communicating about your child’s learning progress. It is very important to us that parents and guardians understand that you can contact your child’s teacher at any time during the school year with any questions pertaining to your child’s learning.


In VCE News:


We have been learning about trauma-sensitive classrooms and would like to share the book we have been diving into this year: Fostering Resilient Learners –Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom by Kristin Souers with Pete Hall.


Grounded in research, this book helps you cultivate a trauma-sensitive learning environment for students across all content areas, grade levels, and educational settings. The authors –a mental health therapist and a veteran principal –provide proven reliable strategies to help:


  • Understand what trauma is and how it hinders the learning, motivation, and success of all students in the classroom
  • Build strong relationships and create a safe space to enable students to learn at high levels
  • Adopt a strength-based approach that leads you to recalibrate how you view destructive student behaviors and to perceive what students need to break negative cycles
  • Head off frustration and burnout with essential self-care techniques that will help you and your students flourish



Sarah Hain

Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary


Dates to Remember:
November 8 - Aboriginal Veterans' Day
November 11 - Remembrance Day (Stat Holiday)
November 12 - Virtual Meeting - VCE Goals 
November 16 - Photo Retakes Day
November 20 - Implementation Day - No School for Students
November 24 - Hot Lunch Orders Due
December 3 - Hot Lunch Day
December 9 - Early Dismissal at 2pm
December 10 - Early Dismissal at 2pm
December 18 - Last Day of School before Winter Break


Next Meeting is Monday, November 23, 2020.
Updates and meeting minutes are located on the PAC page of our website.
The Staff at VCE are very grateful to our helpful PAC. Thank you for being an important part of the story here at VCE!!

We want to connect with you on our school goals!


To get us started, here is our goal statement for VCE this year:  


If students feel safe to engage actively as listeners, viewers, and readers, to develop an understanding of self, identity, and community, then they will enhance their critical thinking skills and have a deeper understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.


Our focus is creating a school of learners that engage in literacy activities in meaningful ways with an emphasis on critical thinking. We do this by building a strong and connected school community with student wellness at the forefront.


I would like to extend an invitation to all parents interested in learning more about how we are working to achieve these goals. There will also be an opportunity for you to provide input or ideas of your own.


If you are interested, please join us on a virtual Google Meet on Thursday, November 12th at 4:30pm for about 45 minutes.


The link to attend the meeting is:


Looking forward to connecting!


We have an updated Code of Conduct. Please review with your families, the Code of Conduct can be found here: