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Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Welcome to the new school year at VCE!


Back to School


I hope you are enjoying the last bit of your summer! We will back at it on Tuesday, September 7th for Grades 1-6 from 8:49-10:00am. Students will return to their last year’s class and line up at the exterior door of the classroom upon arrival. We are still trying to minimize the amount of traffic on the school grounds, so please drop your child off as close to the bell as possible and do not linger in groups, thank you in advance for your help with this. Please also pick up your child and head off the school grounds as soon as possible upon dismissal. We understand that some of you have not seen each other in a while but it is important that we adhere to our protocols to help keep everyone safe.


Any students that are new to the school or didn’t attend VCE last year, will meet in the gym to be assigned a class (enter through the gym doors to the right of the school building).


Kindergarten gradual entry begins on Wednesday, September 8th. Families with kindergarten students should have received an email indicating the group # and times for next week, please contact the office if you haven’t received anything and we will get you that information.


Other information to get us started for the year ahead:


  • Please review the Covid Health & Safety Measures that are still in place or new to the plan (below)
  • We still ask that you do not enter the school without calling ahead to make an appointment. Please continue to email or call for general inquiries. If you do need to connect with your child, we are still asking you call at the front doors and we will assist you. If you do need to enter the building, we will continue to follow the protocols in place such as washing hands, masks for all adults, and respect for personal space.
  • School supplies –to start the year, please bring a few things from last year (such as felts, crayons, pencil, etc.). Once classes are made, we will be sending a link for you to order your specific class teacher’s supply list online and they will be delivered to our school directly. If you decide you want to purchase at a store, we will provide you with the specific list from your child’s teacher.
  • Please bring water bottles, indoor shoes and dress for the weather each day (more info to come on what specific teachers will want you to bring when classes are made).
  • Pack in and pack out –snacks and lunch waste –let’s try to go litter-less!
  • As many of you will know, Shauna Robertson has returned from maternity leave and is back in her role as clerical assistant. Please give her a warm welcome back! The best email to contact her at is [email protected] (please remove Shelby Lundstrom’s email from your contact list to avoid confusion or missed emails).
  • The goal will be to have all grade 1-6 students in their new classes by Friday but this may happen the following week on Monday. We will keep you informed as things unfold. Kindergarten students will begin full-time on Sept 15th and will know which class they will be in prior to this.
  • As many of you have seen, we have a portable on our school grounds now as our school continues to grow! Please be mindful of the working area as our maintenance department completes the project.
  • A reminder that class placement is a complex and thoughtful process. We cannot guarantee all requests but we work as a team to make placements that create balanced classes.
  • Please get in the habit of checking out our school website on a regular basis (monthly updates and other news) & emails (we send a weekly Friday update)
  • First PAC meeting will be Tuesday, September 21st at 6pm (more info to come from our PAC)


Check out our new Valleycliffe welcome video here.



Please take a look at our Covid Guidelines in the table below:



Health & Safety Protocols 2021-2022



We are committed to safety at Valleycliffe Elementary and will be following these safety measures and protocols to keep everyone safe:



Continuing from last year

  • Daily Health Check
  • Stay home when feeling sick
  • Hand hygiene
  • Enhanced cleaning, disinfecting & ventilation
  • Respiratory Etiquette
  • Take learning outside
  • Reduce crowding and congestion
  • Case and Contact Management (as per VCH)

No Longer Recommended

  • Cohorts
  • Physical distancing of 2m
  • Give personal space instead

Mask Guidance

  • All staff and visitors wear masks indoors
  • All Grade 4-6 Students wear masks indoors and on buses
  • K-3 students encouraged to wear masks but not mandatory

NEW for 2021/22 School Year

  • Extra-curricular activities and field trips may resume
  • Follow specific regional health measures as needed
  • Gatherings and events may resume as per PHO orders
  • Community use may resume
  • Visitors, parents & guardians must make appointments

Drop-off and Pick-up (See School Map)

  • Avoid crowding & congestion
  • Consider wearing a mask
  • Be cognizant of everybody's personal space
  • Say goodbye to children outside - They can do it!

Mental Health

  • Connection for staff and students important
  • Prioritize social and emotional learning, as well as academics

Recess & Lunch

  • Increase social connection for students
  • Spread out (personal space)
  • Support mental health and well being
  • Maintain connections between staff and students
  • Provide abundant play and activity options

Pack In, Pack Out

  • Bring a water bottle (labelled)
  • Pack out recyclables, compost & personal belongings each day


Thank you in advance for taking the time to review the safety measures for the new school year. We are looking forward to a great year ahead.




Sarah Hain

Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary