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February Update

Happy February VCE Families!
The students had a blast with Sound Kreations in the school last month! AJAY was a fabulous instructor and worked so well with the VCE students. We hope you enjoyed the show! 
Thank you for your continued support and kindness through this tricky time. Please continue with the daily checklist, stay home when sick and call 811 for advice.
Sarah Hain
VCE Principal
REMINDERS (please):
  • Send your child to school with appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather
  • If your child is sick or won't be attending school, please contact the office at 604-892-9394 or email [email protected] to let us know
  • Remember to send a water bottle with with your child as the water fountain is not turned on
  • Send a mask (or 2!) to school each day
  • Do not idle in the parking lot and if there are no parking spots available, consider parking behind the school or on a side street and walking in
  • Do not park in the fire lanes
  • Remind your children to look both ways before leaving the back school trail on bike or foot as this leads to a road with traffic
  • Call the school from the front doors if you are needing to pick up your child or relay a message
Mark your Calendar
February 7 - Professional Development Day (no school for students)
February 10 - Hot Lunch
February 15 - PAC Meeting 6pm Online
February 21 - Family Day (no school for students)
February 23 - Pink Shirt Day
March 3 - Hot Lunch
As part of Community Christmas Care back in December, Ms. Bourdon's class won the chance to throw pie at Ms. Hain! Today was the day!
Pie Fun

Sound Kreations

District of SquamishSquamish Arts Council
A BIG Thank You to the Squamish Arts Council for their grant contribution and the PAC for funding this wonderful event. The kids loved learning all the fun dance moves and we hope everyone enjoyed the videos!
Sound Kreations
Literacy Week Collaborative Story
Collaborative Story
British Columbia COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool
British ColumbiaPlease continue to self-assess daily before coming to school. BC COVID 19 (

Classroom Learning in Action

This month's spotlight:

Mr. Prescott's Class (Grade 1/2)


Mr. Prescott’s class has been busy working hard on writing stories this month. Each week they have created their own story and had the opportunity to share it with the class. They have been trying to spice up their writing by using ‘triple scoop words’ (i.e. interesting words) in order to make their story more captivating. In a few weeks they will turn one of their stories into a cartoon using a program called Toontastic.


Mr. Prescott’s class was also lucky to go on a few field trips over the last month. They went up the gondola to learn about forces and motion and had a blast skating at Brennan Park!





The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 15 at 6pm online.


Minutes from previous meetings are available under the PAC Tab


Hot Lunch - February 10 & March 3


Here’s how to get started…Go to Valleycliffe Hot Lunches Hot Lunches - Valleycliffe Elementary PAC 


     *   Click on “Click Here to Register” (last year’s accounts have been deleted so you will need to register fresh for this year)

     *   Enter Access Code VCHL

    *   Complete the rest of the registration form. (Including your email address will ensure you receive reminder emails about hot lunch order deadlines, and your child’s hot lunch order for the upcoming week)

    *   Click the “Register Now” button at the bottom

   *   Follow the instructions to add each child in your family who attends Valleycliffe School

   *   Once your child(ren) are registered, click on “Orders”

   *   Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren)   


The PAC is gearing up for a fun year ahead packed with events. Everything from Hot Lunch to Carnival. Stay up to date on all the news and volunteer opportunities by joining our Facebook group.



Community Events


Babysitting course on Feb 26th:


Location: Sandman Hotel from 09:30 to 4 pm

Register with Marylene at [email protected]

Cost: $75 sent via etransfer to this email address

What to bring: a sport helmet, any kind will do, an extra long sleeve shirt, a spoon, face mask, pencil, snacks, lunch and water.


Parent Series

La Folie En Rouge



February birthdays:Balloons


We want to wish a happy birthday to all of our students born in February! To celebrate, each student gets to choose a birthday book on the last Friday of the month.