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Year End -June 2022

Happy Summer Break VCE Families!


Well the time has come to have some summer fun! Before we head off, I wanted to share my appreciation for the staff, students and families.


Thank you to the outstanding VCE staff! It is the dedication of our team that makes for a great place for students to learn and thrive. We could not do it without their care, compassion and expertise. I have truly enjoyed working with everyone on our staff for the last three years.


A thank you to our PAC and VCE community for all the little and big things you do to support the school. I appreciate how invested and connected the PAC has been throughout my time here. I am grateful to have worked with you and the other parents to provide such fun and rich experiences for the students.


And then there are the students… this is why we are here and I can’t get over how wonderful the VCE students are to be around! Throughout my time here, the students have shown kind and caring attitudes, leadership, so much resilience with the uncertainty and such potential for great things! I appreciate all the conversations and sharing from the students each day and I will miss these connections. Thank you for all you bring to VCE.


I leave this school with wonderful memories. Thank you to everyone for making my time at VCE so special.


I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and relaxing summer!




Sarah Hain (she, her, hers)

Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary


Sea to Sky School District


A few notes before we leave for summer:


1. Summative Reports can be accessed through the MyEd parent portal as of Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Your child's report can be accessed until August 1st, 2022. If you have difficulty accessing the report online, you can request a paper copy to be sent home. Please let your child's teacher know this as soon as possible as their break begins this Friday. To view the point of progress on the parent portal, please follow this link to the MyEd Portal.


Introduction to the family portal: 

Collecting report cards with a computer:

Collecting report cards with a mobile device:


2. Supply lists will be made available at the end of August if you choose to buy your own supplies. However, we recommend you purchase through our online system, this information will also be available at the start of the year.
3. Information on how gradual entry for Kindergarten is set up will also be communicated later in the summer.
4. If you move during the summer please leave a message for Shauna at [email protected]
5. PLEASE check out the VCE website throughout the summer for any updates and/or the school district website,  here:
6. As of August 1st, your contact for this school will be Mr. Jakob (the new principal), if anything urgent comes up prior to August 22nd, please contact the school board office.
Mark your Calendar
September 6 - School Reopens at 8:48am, dismissal at 10:00am
Please see the 2022/2023 School Calendar here:  2022-2023 School Calendar
Wondering about School Supplies for the 2022/2023 School year? Check out our website here: School Supplies
Are you moving this summer? We have started making arrangements for the 2022-2023 school year. Please let us know if your child will not be returning to VCE. Thanks!
Hain Train Passed through the office to say goodbye to Ms. Hain
Hain Train

Happy Retirement!




Drumming for National Indigenous Peoples Day was shared to all the classrooms to enjoy



Aboriginal 2


Ride Hub



Drumming 2


Wellness committee wrap up

Happy Graduation to the Grade 6s!





From the PAC 


Wow, what a year that was!  We were so glad to get back to a bit of normality.




To all of the staff for a wonderful year and to all of our parent helpers who made everything from Helping Hands lunches to a whole Carnival happen, thank you for making our amazing school even better.


Have a fantastic summer break and we will see you next school year.


Splash Day

Splash Day was so much fun!

Playground Makeover

Thank you for donating your returnables to the Playground, we have returned 6,434 bottles and cans for a total of $569.42 so far!!


We still have a way to go so will continue to collect over the summer.


Drop your recyclables at the express drop off using 604-561-4900 for the VCE PAC or text 604-561-4900 or email [email protected] with your address and we'll take care of it for you.





Halloween Pop Up Shop


We are planning a Halloween pop up shop next October so please keep hold of old costumes or props over the summer and we will collect them when we return next September.


Next PAC Meeting Sept 20th - see you then!




Community Events/Updates





From the Squamish Public Health Nursing team:


As the school year is coming to a close we wanted to reach out one final time to remind you to ensure your child’s immunizations are up to date. You can check your child’s records at

If you child missed their immunizations at the school you can book them either:


Thank you and have a wonderful summer.



July and August birthdays:Balloons


We want to wish a happy birthday to all of our students born in July and August! To celebrate, each student got to choose a book last Friday.