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Learning Commons

Welcome to Valleycliffe Elementary School's Learning Commons. I am Mrs. Black and I am the Teacher Librarian. 

Our Mission: The Library Commons (TLC) is an engaging, inclusive environment for all Valleycliffe members to think, wonder, read, create and collaborate. It extends classroom learning and is essential for our lifelong learners.

School library programs continue to undergo momentous changes that have heightened the importance of technology and evidence-based learning. The focus has moved from the library as a confined space to one with fluid boundaries that is layered by diverse needs and influenced by an interactive global community. Guiding principles must focus on building a flexible learning environment with the goal of producing successful learners skilled in multiple literacies.      — American Association of School Librarians

At VCE we have been working hard to create a new Library Learning Commons (LLC) look for our community to enjoy. 
We are in the process of creating an informative, safe, engaging and inclusive Virtual Library Learning Commons (VLLC) for our community to think, wonder, create and collaborate beyond the four walls of the classroom and school library. 
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