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VCE Monthly Update

Mr. Prescott's Class:

Canada's Maple Leaf FlagMr. Prescott’s Grade 1/2 class studied Canada this term. They traveled Canada virtually from the East to West Coast by reading true stories from different parts of the country. Each story helped to give them a sense of a different region and what made that community unique. They also learned to sing a very Canadian song by the Tragically Hip and recorded it in this video. The video also shows some of the souvenirs they picked up along the way, including postcards they made on the green screen.  

Check out his class video here:


Ms. Crighton's class:


Here are some photos of the STEM challenge Ms. Crighton's class did. Students had 20 minutes to build the tallest freestanding structure they could out of 20 pieces of spaghetti, a metre of string, and a metre of masking tape that could hold up a marshmallow. They did a fantastic job! The tallest structure in the class was 21cm tall. 






Ms. Peterson's Class: 
Learning about fungi in the outdoor classroom and how to collect creek flow data. Good news, the creek is not in danger of flooding the nearby houses!

















Ms. Nunn's Class: 
Fun day at the tube park!