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Welcome to VCE 2023-2024

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year at Valleycliffe Elementary


2023 August 31


Hello Valleycliffe Families.  I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of summer vacation with their children.  We are gearing up for another exciting year at Valleycliffe Elementary.  We all look forward to reconnecting with returning families and meeting the new ones.


Throughout the year, most of the information you need can be found on the school website.  If you need further assistance, or if you find information that might be outdated, please reach out to the school by emailing: [email protected]


On Tuesday, September 5th, students in Grades 1 to 6 will attend school from 8:50 to 10:00.  Students will return to their last year’s class and line up at the exterior door of the classroom upon arrival.  We are trying to minimize the amount of traffic on the school grounds and reduce outside distractions for the students, so please drop your child off and try to move away from their classroom windows.  Thank you in advance for your help with this.


Any students that are new to the school, or did not attend VCE last year, will meet in the gym to be assigned an orientation class (please enter through the gym doors to the right of the school building).


Grades 1-6 students will stay with their orientation class for the Wednesday and Thursday school day (8:50 to 3:00).  On Friday, classroom placements will be finalised and students will join their teacher for the 2023-2024 school year.


If you’re unable to attend school the first week or have moved away, please contact the office at 604-892-9394 or [email protected] to let us know. 


Kindergarten gradual entry begins on Wednesday, September 6th.  Families with kindergarten students have received an email indicating the group # and times for next week, please contact the office if you need help with this process.

Other information to get us started for the year ahead:

  • Supervision starts at 8:30; please drop off your children outside their classroom door between 8:30 and 8:50.
  • Families are asked to connect with the main office before entering the school. Please continue to email or call for general inquiries. If you do need to connect with their child, please do this through the main office.
  • A reminder that class placement is a complex and thoughtful process.  We cannot guarantee all requests but we work as a team to make placements that create balanced classes.
  • Please bring water bottles, indoor shoes, and dress for the weather each day.  All children will be supervised outside rain or shine.  (More info to come on what specific teachers will want you to bring when classes are made).
  • Pack in and pack out –snacks and lunch waste –let’s try to go litter-less!
  • Please check our school website on for ongoing updates and other news.
  • You will receive emails with weekly updates on Fridays.
  • The first PAC meeting will be Tuesday, September 12th (more info to come from our PAC).




Shaun Jakob


Valleycliffe Elementary School